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Mar Mag 19, 2020 9:00 pm
Welcome New soul, fun and entertainment are the basis of our small community. Our guild offers a serene and peaceful environment where you can play without any pressure. However, in order to maintain this balance, the following rules must be respected:
#be present in guild activities daily, inquire about events by consulting the appropriate "event" tab in "guild", use Discord every time you are online in the game.
#communicate with guild members both in game and in Discord, help (where possible) guild members, create groups for dungeons, events, etc. and of course use Discord.
#be educated in chat and in discord, offenses and / or altered tones are not allowed.
#before making any BID it is necessary to ask in chat guild and in Discord. This serves to maintain the right balance and serves to avoid wild BIDs.
# Failure to apply the rules will result in exclusion from the guild. Any behavior capable of ruining the guild's balance and serenity will be punished with exclusion from the guild. Lack of respect for roles will be punished with exclusion from the guild. For any doubts, clarifications, complaints, etc., contact the Leader (Nefesh).
Sure of Your attention I still welcome you to the Eternal Soul.
Thanks for choosing us
ps: the rules may be subject to variations aimed obviously at improving the guild, according to the needs and the progress of the game. It is therefore advisable to consult the regulation occasionally.
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